Content Management

CMS - Key tool for content management

Looking for a website with an administrative interface / back office? We offer a reliable content management system that will allow any administrator to organize and edit the website content. 

Web content management software are key tools of web editors. They represent the solution to manage, optimize and control the content of your website, thus allowing a dynamic and evolving site. One of the highlights of the content management system known as the CMS are self-updates, that can allow a user to constantly update the content.

Among the advantages of this management software:
- Navigation menus and links are automatically generated
- Possibility to separate the graphic and the content
- Content Management
- Separation of roles because it is possible to provide different access to users
- Planning of the content production
- Decline in publication deadlines
- The added value to the information due to the ease of access to content
- Lower costs because the companies do not have to redo the integration of the pages.

Iredacweb allows you to create, manage and publish texts, videos or pictures through an interface (back office), easy to use.