Community Management

Let us build your web community

Your objective is to create a web community around your brand? Through animation, publication and moderation, our expert team manages your activity on social networks.

Community management should be at the heart of your web strategy as it aims to increase awareness of your business, increase your visibility, traffic to your website, boost your sales, reinforce the sense of belonging to the brand and communicate constantly with your prospects in order to retain them.

At Iredacweb we are creators of results and build a community around your brand. A web community is a group of people gathered on the web, sharing the same interests, hobbies and passions. They can gather around a website or social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. They will look for information, share content, and exchange on various topics, thus engaging in discussions about your business.

Widespread, community management is an increasingly common discipline and an essential communication and marketing tool. Social media experts first establish an action plan. Iredacweb proposes the creation of your social networking accounts and regular management of your Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest pages to generate results, to optimize your content and boost your visibility. We know how to choose the right platforms to set up your web community. At Iredacweb, we also measure your performance to see if the marketing and communication strategy worked.