Web Application Development

Development of Web Application

Want to expand your web visibility and offer strong communication potential to your brand? We develop your web application and implement an effective management system.

A web application is a software that is hosted on a server and is accessible via a web browser. The development of a web application can respond with relevance to your business needs. Web applications are created by making use of standard web technologies. 

The development of a website and a web application have 2 distinct roles. The main role of the website is to provide and present information to visitors. A web application allows the user to perform specific tasks.

Every professional has a specific need. In the hotel sector, a web application will see the establishment of a reservation management system. Another example: development of a billing application for a trader.

Advantages of developing a web application

-  Economical. You only pay for the features used.

- Time saving.

- Accessible from various media - PC, tablet, laptop.

- On-going innovation. You always enjoy the updated version.

Our development team provides expertise in many technologies. We master HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, MY / SQL, MS / SQL, ASP, XML, Action Script. We are responsive and provide a better user experience. We follow day by day the web developments to offer you a service at the cutting edge of technology. At Iredacweb, we guarantee the reliability, security and performance of the key functions of your web applications and sites.