Search Engine Optimization

SEO as web Strategy

You aim at increasing your visibility on the web and want to climb the rankings on Google while staying still? If you are not on page 1 of Google, we will make sure you get there. 

Whether natural or payable, Search Engine Optimization helps increase the traffic to your website. 


At Iredacweb, we promote natural SEO also known as search engine optimization. It consists mainly of substantive work in terms of quality of content. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) on the other hand aims to establish a paid advertising campaign.

SEO helps position your website in the search engines by making the choice of targeted and strategic keywords related to your industry and expertise in order to boost its visibility. For relevant results over the long term, that of seeing your website in the top search results, SEO demands technical knowledge and patience. If it is totally free of charge, it however does require a qualitative web content, netlinking to boost your visibility, traffic monitoring and analysis. SEO is known to be effective in the long term because the actions require time for a satisfactory outcome, while paid search can quickly bring visibility.  

SEA is to be banished if your industry is too competitive, your budget too low, the time for optimization and updating of your campaigns limited. With the SEA, sponsored links are used to classify your site in the top results of search engines. It consists of buying keywords on multiple broadcast networks like Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Links. When the user makes his research on the keywords purchased by the advertiser, your site is displayed in two areas provided for this purpose.