e-commerce website with Prestashop

Create your e-shop with Prestashop

Planning to create an e-shop and would like an easy management of stock and content as well as a secured payment system? We build your e-commerce website using Prestashop. 

Prestigious application that enables a secured and qualitative e-commerce website, Prestashop won a great success since its first release in 2007. In 2011, it has been awarded 'Best Open-Source Business Applicaton'. Prestashop counts more than 275 features and allows a simple and effective content management system. It is recognized as the best application for e-shops and works with renowned partners, including Paypal and Ogone for payments, BPost and Kiala for delivery.

Highly secured, Prestashop offers a password expiration program. Accounts can be blocked if a password is recovered several times.
By using PrestaShop, customizable e-commerce solution, customers can easily browse the catalog and make purchases. The key features are grouped as follows:

- Catalog Management: stock management, supplier management, minimum purchase.
- Website management: Content management system (CMS), temporarily disable content pages.
- Order Management: Create invoices, tracking of messages.
- Payment Management: Paypal, Ogone, credit card, bank transfer.
- Transportation Management: Follow up of the package, weight calculation.
- Translation: options for choosing the language to display
- Display Products: online search, comparison, wish list.
- SEO: Use of title and meta tags, URL creation, site map.
- Marketing: newsletter subscription, establishment of a customer loyalty program, promo coupons.
- Setting of customers’ accounts: management of returned products, sending of messages to the merchant.
- Taxes and Location: Calculation of taxes according to customer location, synchronization of the exchange rate, address format by country.

Expert in the creation of an e-shop with Prestashop, Iredacweb will meet your expectations and optimize your e-commerce website site by making the right choice of features. Discover an example of web design using Prestashop.