Email Marketing

E-mail marketing - Building your customer loyalty

Looking for an effective & profitable way to turn prospects into customers? Email marketing will drive sales, build relationship and loyalty. We encourage businesses to engage in emailing. 

E-mailing or e-mail marketing is a great way to increase your customer loyalty and attract new prospects to your business. In the form of an email sent to users that are subscribed to your newsletter, the e-mail marketing can be informative or commercial. Introducing new products, launching a contest, communicating the special offers or providing some news… e-mailing, usually sent periodically, is a powerful communication tool between the company and its customers. From design to statistics, Iredacweb assists you in setting up your e-mail marketing.

Newsletter Design: Guidelines

Like the creation of a website, your newsletter must be attractive. The reading should be easy and bring added value to the reader. Otherwise, he can quickly get tired and unsubscribe. The content is generally accurate without much repetition. The frequency of transmission is an important factor to consider. Our web agency will advise you in optimizing your e-mailing. Poorly written, your email can quickly be considered as spam. Subject and format are to be well thought. For example, a text format will look like a conventional e-mail while an html format will allow the integration of catching elements such as images. It is also important to add colors, logo and a captivating visual to the graphic architecture of your newsletter because few seconds are needed for the reader to decide whether he wants to read it or not.

E-mailing campaigns

Launching an email campaign is a considerable asset to a company because it will help acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and maintain contact with customers on a regular basis. Promote targeted, fast and economical communication.