Creation of e-commerce website

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Term used to describe the sale of goods or services on the internet, e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular. Having an e-commerce website allows your brand a permanent visibility and access. An e-shop that opens 24h/24 and 7/7 days.

Managing an e-commerce website

Thanks to powerful platforms such as Open Source applications (OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop amongst others), managing an e-commerce site is relatively simple. These applications facilitate the creation of an online store and enable autonomous management. A web agency's mission is to configure multiple features that simplify the daily use of the e-shop. These features are the management of catalogs and orders, invoicing and payment solutions. Monitoring methods may also be implemented. An e-commerce website also provides functionalities such as inventory management and sending of orders to suppliers.
Note that some e-commerce CMS choose to boost the sales of their products through networks and partnerships with prestigious brands such as Ebay.

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At Iredacweb, we develop your business potential by providing you with our technical expertise and experience in e-commerce. We also adapt your sales documents to the web. From design to implemented functionality and the configuration of secured payment, our experts will increase your brand awareness and encourage your prospects to move forward in their buying process. Contact us for an appointment at our agency or over a cup of coffee.